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Das Bild zeigt eine Ärztin am Schreibtisch, die einem Patienten ein Röntgenbild erklärt.

Overall Concept & Goals

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Overall Concept & Goals

The main mission of our Departments of Emergency Medicine consists of diagnostics and treatment of presenting acutely ill or injured adults and children. We have a long tradition of excellent acute care and patients as well as referring physicians have faith in our service provided. With our approach of a multi disciplinary team of doctors we ensure for each patient:

In striving for these goals, economic aspects also play an important role. Efficiency of regimen and cost-effectiveness are being held in balance. 

Patient care is carried out with respect and empathy according to the Charité´s historic guideline "helping, healing, researching and teaching". All taken measures are centered on the patient´s well-being. The principles of "lean"-management and the operational procedures of emergency care are integrated in the overall process. 

The basic work philosophy in the departments is based upon uniting multi-disciplinary teams and establishing strong cooperation among the different fields of medicine. It is our strong conviction that immaculate team work is beneficial to the patient´s outcome, especially when attention and empathy are demanded. The work field of emergency medicine therefore encourages a system of flat hierarchies, distinct individual contribution by its employees and an atmosphere of trust and openness. This allows constructive correction of mistakes and enables a shared learning experience.

Our emergency department´s goal is to ensure a safe work environment. Physical and psychological integrity of department staff and its patients is our highest good.